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Its been a real struggle balancing work and family

Thursday, May 24th, 2007

I just started a new job at the Whole Foods Market and its great. I love the pay, the benefits, and the people are very friendly. The difference between the people here and the people I’m used to working with at other jobs is that if people at other jobs didnt like you, they would show it. Its kinda scary to have people smiling in your face and speaking to you if you’re not sure if they like you. I don’t like have to wait to find out whether I am voted on the team at Whole Foods. It takes months and everyone is so friendly that you have no idea who gonna vote you on or off.

Its been a real struggle balancing work and family only because its really hard trying to find someone I trust and know will do a good job to babysit my son. I don’t have many child care options because my shift switches constantly. So far, though, my mom and sisters take of Shamere and his godmom when she can.

Other than that, its OK.

Shalisa's posts

The school just did not look its best

Sunday, March 18th, 2007

The Education Law Center, Good Schools Pennsylvania (GSPA), and the Education Policy and Leadership Center (EPLC) are leading The Pennsylvania Education Funding Reform Campaign. This campaign will advocate for a state finance system that provides all children with the resources needed for an excellent public education. The results could lead to significant legislative changes in the inequitable funding formula the state uses now. First Person is pleased to support this effort by participating in the Campaign’s Share Your Stories effort.


My school did not get enough funding, and as a result, there were broken desks. There were not enough textbooks, and the books that we used were torn. There was graffiti on the desks. The school did just not look its best. In computer class, there were not enough computers. You’d have to wait on one and end up missing out on time you could have been doing work.

This affected my ability to learn because when there weren’t enough books and I had to partner with someone I did not like, I wouldn’t do the work. Or when there weren’t enough science supplies to go around and I couldn’t participate, I would leave. During class, if I had to sit in a broken, uncomfortable chair, I would be aggravated and not really focused on the work.

If I had more money for my school I would buy enough books for all students. I would get more learning supplies and fix up the broken chairs, desk doors, etc. More supplies for students would mean less conflict and maybe not so much talking. Maybe the school would look better, and maybe students would feel more comfortable in their environment.

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Back to where I was

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

During the next two weeks, each of the young people featured in First Person will be getting a first look at one of their sample scenes from our developing rough cut, then blogging with their reaction.

Looking at the clip reminded me of how I used to be, with my job and keeping myself taken care of with my shoes, hair, etc. It encourages me to get back where I was. Since the baby, I haven’t worked or nothing. But I am trying. When I watched the video clip, I was thinking negative things such as how I would sound and look. Really, my negative things were about me–I was being self-conscious. I thought I was gonna sound funny, like in the trailer. But I liked it. I looked good, and it wasnt a time when I was depressed.

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Trying to get my priorities straight

Saturday, January 27th, 2007

My baby is now a month and a half. It’s been a little rough having a new baby around. I have to change all of my priorities such as how i sleep. He sleeps a lot but wakes up every 4 hours and i be up all types of times at night. It’s time for me to go back to work and school but i am worried about leaving him with my sisters and his dad. I’ve had some scares with him being sick but it turned out not to be that bad.

I just registered for school down at community college and should be starting in may. I’m trying hard to find a job right now. But that’s all i have been doing is raising my baby and looking for work trying to get my priorities straight. Trying to work on getting my life together for me and my baby. I’ve also been second thinking going to college for 2 years. I’ve been thinking that maybe it would be better to go to trade school or something but everyone wants me to go to college i just think two years is a little while to wait to be able to jump into a career versus the 6 months it would take me at trade school. But the wait might be worth it, I really don’t know.

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A Proud Parent

Friday, December 22nd, 2006

I had a C-section. I had to have that cause they said I wasn’t dilating and he was ready to come out. I was scared cause I thought there was something wrong, but before they told me I had to have the emergency C-section, I took an epidural, and they told me that with the medicine I wouldn’t feel none of it. During the delivery, they told me I could only have one person available. I chose my mom to be there cause I was scared and because of the pain I was going through. I kinda didn’t really want Kile there, because it seemed like it was his fault I was going through this…He was so happy and smiling because its his kid too, but it seemed like he was almost laughing at me.

I was on a lot of drugs and I couldn’t feel the pain of him actually being pulled out. Only my mom got to see him when he came out, and she cut the umbilical cord. When the doctor showed him to me, I was happy, but I was so out of it I couldn’t really think straight or see him all the way and I had to get stitched back up right away.

After that, I moved to another room. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days. While I was having my baby, I had a fever, so I needed antibiotics too. My baby was on antibiotics on too so he didn’t catch the fever I had.

So far everything has been alright, but he stayed an extra night cause of his fever after I went home, which made me sad, cause I really missed him. But I went up there bright and early the next day to see him.

So far, everything has been good. Everybody excited about having a baby in the house, excited to come home and touch him and hold him and look at him. For the most part, he’s good—he don’t cry a lot, only when something is wrong with him. But he likes to get up at all types of crazy hours in the morning time, and he’ll cry to get you up, but as soon as I’m with him he just smiles and looks at me. I guess he just wanna be up.

Ive had to spend my last few dollars on his milk, and hes always spitting up, so that’s a pile of laundry Im going to have to do. I still really just don’t believe it. I be looking at him like, “This really came from me.” Its hard to believe. But I’m a proud parent, and his dad hasn’t left his side since hes been born.

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