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I’m terrified

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

I am terrified to make the wrong decisions I feel like all these years i have had a clear idea of what i wanted and how i was getting there. I’m scared to make the wrong move because I know the next moves I make will determine my future completely. I have prided myself in thinking things through and weighing the pro’s and cons of things but i feel like the older I become the less sure I am.

I graduated Nursing school passed my boards Yay go me! I have my nursing diploma I’m a few credits and a transfer short of a BSN. But I am really unsure of what my next moves should be. these past 2 years of nursing school everything that could of happened in my little world did happen and it has changed the way I look at people… situations…my family…people i called friends ect. Highschool was no walk in the park but sometimes i wish i could go back because that drama as intense as it felt is no comparison to the crap thats going on in my little word now.

I feel ill prepared for life like all those years i was living in my bubble everyone else was learning the do’s and don’t of life and im stumbling getting bumped and bruised as i go. I’m to a point where I am afraid to do anything because i’ve been hurt and burned so much…..

usually when i feel like this another angel is sent to me to dust me off…..
and steer me right…….

I need that…..more than ever

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