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To my home girls at Susquhanna and Daulphin station…..

Thursday, December 25th, 2008

I’d like to start off by saying Yall made my day….. :-)
I was out with my sisters and my niece and had just gotten off the train pushing the stroller tryna figure out which steps to go up……when I though I heard something…..
“is that her….the girl from the movie Oh My God”
lol It caught me off guard a bit because I don’t consider myself famous at all … lovely ladies were so animated. I enjoyed you for the few seconds I got to talk with you before the train came…we didn’t get to exchange info but I hope that you have successfully found me on myspace…
I wish you much luck in school and I’m glad that my story was inspirirational for you
keep your heads up stay focused and remember you come from royalty ….
Love in Action

Praise The Most High!!!….I am Done This Semester!!

Tuesday, December 16th, 2008

Can I get a Woop Woop? Lol It’s finally ova this semester was dragging along but I held on….lets hope my grades are Both A’s …*bowing her head in prayer* “heavenly Father Anu be your name…Allow my teachers Pen to Be merciful on my final, let him not raise his red ink in anger but in love let him not X up my paper but only mark with Check Plus Plus let my brains true potential be expressed through my essay and let my professor words and Pen make the distinct marks of an A. Amen Amin OuM”

Let the Temple say “Amun”

I finished my finals Thursday I was so nervous i barely slept so I’m hoping all goes well but I’m pretty confident… I’ve registered for the spring I only have 2 classes left at manor A&P II and MicroBiology I’m trying not to stress but I’m broke and I have a tuition gap of 700 + books I’m not real sure where that moneys coming from but I’m praying I can get it some how….
We just had a screening at Olney High it was a wonderful experience the Auditorium was packed and even though there were a few sleepers in the bunch i think we got our message across..
I am so proud of the response that we’ve gotten from the movie ….and I’m grateful to all those who invite us out to tell our story.

well I am about to go Chant Oum and Take some spiritual time ( school was so interfering with this)
well I’ll try to write again soon…

oh’ almost fogot I now have 3 clients yay me and I’m in the process of finishing my website check it out…
Thanks for the love
Ma’at (Truth & Justice)

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