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Malikka’s back on the scene

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

I am back in school I’ve transferred out of community. I’m taking summer classes at Manor College in jenkintown. I’m racking up some science classes so that i’ll be academically in line for that acceptance letter im hoping for from Dixon. Life’s pretty good I’ve got no major complaints. I’d like to thank all those who contributed to the first person scholarship fund because that’s how I was able to pay for these classes ” I owe you one”. It feels good being back in school I feel like I’m back on track. I had my first exam yesterday so far so good 84% :-) keep praying for me
when i get a chance i’ll write more
love you all

My college essay for Dixon School of Nursing

Friday, May 2nd, 2008

I think that nursing is in my blood. If you ask my mother if it wasn’t for the midwife who delivered me I wouldn’t be here. I believe from an early age that drive to give back was in me. I’m not unfamiliar to the hospital setting at all. Through the years I’ve had my share of days there. From my diagnosis with asthma and the many days I thought I would die from it, to my bilateral and lumbar spinal fusions that nearly left me paralyzed at age 12. These angels in rainbow scrubs that appeared through the fog of morphine tears were always with me. They were my 2 a.m. bathroom buddies, my extra hands and feet when mine weren’t steady enough and my wheelchair chauffeur’s.
They were there when I lost those closest to me; they were their through aunts’ breast cancer uncle’s chemotherapy, through my great-aunt’s appendicitis friend’s father’s heart attack, through my little sisters broken jaw and mom’s sprained ankle. They cared for my family as if they were their own. When the doctors were on rotation and visiting hours were over they we’re there. What better way to give back than to be a part of something that has been such a major part of my life?
Many of the above events have affected my academics but that hasn’t stopped me from wanting to be a nurse. I know that with the right environment and supports I can fulfill my dream. I just need some help. I want more than anything to have the chance to be a nurse midwife because for me that’s where my story began. Through my stay at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia during my rides on the elevator to and from x-ray, MRI and cat scans I had the chance to hear other people’s stories and the most heart wrenching were those of new parents. They reaffirmed my aspirations to be a part of the medical field.
In the summer prior to tenth grade I was met with a proposition to be a part of a documentary entitled “First person�. The film follows the lives of six students through high school. I jumped at the chance to have an auditory and visual history of my high school experience. During high school I had the opportunity to speak in front of middle school students, policy makers, and prospective teachers who craved my insights and opinions about high school and the college application process. Through the timeline of the film, I made my college selections and got into Drexel, however finances prevented me from attending. I was devastated. As disappointing as this was it showed first hand what so many of my peers were going through. The film depicts the emotional and financial challenges of the college process. I wound up at community college of Philadelphia. Through “First Person� I’ve had the chance to tell the story of countless inner-city kids. After three difficult semesters at community college, this included the death of a close friend, my uncle’s stroke. I decided to take a break. My story isn’t over. I Came across The Abington Memorial Hospital Dixon School of nursing by no other way than the grace of God. Through media exposure and rave reviews of the film, a woman by the name of Stephanie Wroten read my story and reached out. I’m hoping that her hands are the one’s that will lead me to the chance I need to have the Career that I’ve always wanted.

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