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…My life’s plan

Saturday, April 12th, 2008

Life has had its ups and downs and at times that plan that i set for myself a long time ago gets a little foggy.
I decided to take this semester of to regroup and figure out what i want..
see when i was 12 I wanted go to temple to be a nurse get married to a sultan be a fashion diva and live in dubai all by the age of 18 ….now a days i wonder how much of that was a fairyland dream…

especially since none of the above came to pass ….I mean sure i’ve met my prince but the wealth and beach home were a long shot….
The many unforseen twists and turns of life have at moments had me in the fetal position praying for an end to it all but I’m grateful for my faith because at moments when i think it couldn’t get any worse it does …but for a split second in between i see the sunshine and I hear my moms old saying “With every difficulty comes ease” “God doesn’t give you more than you can bear”
so I’ll try my best to take the rough moments in stride

So i’ve turned the page of my journal and labeled it my life’s plan ….I understand now that the main reason why life is getting in the way of my future is because im letting it. so i plan on investing some time and money on some profesional therapy sessions to get some of those pent up hurt feelings out ….the temple drexel desicion is still haunting me ….according to my life plan i should be half way through school married and pregnant with my first child chilling at my summer home… maybe i need to take some time to lay out some more realistic goals … here it goes…

All I want more than anything is Success …Success within my spiriual financial and physical self
I want to be in a school that i love and in a school that is wiling to work with me to attain my goals of a worthwhile career….
more than anything i’d like to have the encouragement that i need …that pat on the back and the you can do its make the load a little lighter
I’d like to have a good paying low stress job that will make it easier to balance work and school
i’d love to have the independance of having my own everything independence is a blessing…that i’d love to be greatful for

Thank You All So Very Much

Tuesday, April 8th, 2008

I never thought our combined stories could ever evoke so much emotion in one room. Thankyou so much for those of you who attended the premiere and for those of you who stood outside dissappoined because the tickets were sold out. I’m still in awe after we recieved a standing ovation. In the moment you don’t realize that your not alone in your struggle. forgive me if I’m a little out of sorts. But I really do appreciate the many people who came to me after seeing the movie and told me to not give up….and for those who trusted me enough to share their own stories of life’s dissapoinments. As confusing as this juncture in my life is …I’m happy to know that I’m not the only one who has walked this difficult road filled with family and financial issue that affect the drive and direction of life’s Yellow bricks.

I appreciate you all fro your kind words and prayers and I hope to see an outpour of you and your family and friends at the 2nd and final screening of first person for the philadelphia film festival

Thank you so very much

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