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Steve in uniform
Steve usually finds himself at the center of things, including the Electrons’ offensive line.

“He’s strong, handsome, attractive, cute. He looks good in his equipment, has nice hair. If my coach was a female, that’s what she would say about me. But since I’ve got Kenny Geiser as a coach, he says that I need to focus more and that I need to get my head out of my toosh.

Steve has been the center of every room he has ever walked into, except for those shared by his family members, all of whom are at least as hilarious, intelligent, and charismatic as he is. Steve is an all-Public League center for the football team, an accomplished cook with aspirations to culinary school, and just about everyone’s best friend. Having discovered early on that he can skate by on personality and charm, Steve seems content with mediocrity in the classroom and with a world that always seems to revolve around him. As he struggles to complete high school and define his aspirations, however, Steve and the legions of family members, friends, and teachers who love him seek to find the spark that will motivate him to strive for the great things everyone sees in his future.

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rounded corners image