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Sooooooooo how yall doin???

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Hey people :0) thought I’d give you a mini update on my life. I’m doing very well I finished out my final semester at Manor College with an A in Microbiology and a B in Anatomy II overall GPA for the semester of a 3.5. I must Say I am very pleased I really enjoyed my time at Manor and I’m really looking forward to starting nursing school. I am a bit nervous about the expenses of nursing school and apprehensive about taking out loans. I know I will do well and I’m greatful for all those who have helped me through the academic process.

I also wanted to extend a thank you to the South Eastern Pennsylvania Area Black Nurses Association. I had the opportunity this weekend to attend an event of theirs. Thank you for the invitation. I was able to meet students from both the sophomore and senior class at Dixon. If I may…”Shout out to the BG’s” lol “I am happy that I was welcomed as a new initiate” I appreciate your warmth and eagerness to make my experience at Dixon Memorable.

Life has been good I won’t complain I am in good health great shape and the weather is sunny I pray you all have a blessed and productive summer
Much love

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