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Update …..

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

So I have successfully Made it through N100 and N101 and I’m in N201 Now. My Gpa is a 3.5 and I’m holding strong Please keep me in your prayers. The Most High has continued to bless me and I am ever grateful. Tonight I had the opportunity to sit in on a Lecture by Dr. Debra Toney The President of the black Nurses Association ( Yes I am a member Of the South Eastern Pennsylvania Black Nurses Association!!! Go Me!!!!) Her lecture was just the thing I needed in some ways nursing isn’t what I expected and neither is the health insurance industry but both the positive and negative experiences that I have had and seen while on clinical have reinforced my beliefs about how i think heathcare should be. I will Not stop until I have my own Wholistic Health Center. (So Shall it be written so shall it be done!)
Any way my primary reason for writing this blog was to post a blog that I intended to post in August Right after I went through Orientation for school I wrote this blog as if I were writing a chapter in the book of my life I hope you enjoy it

As I sat there in that same grey classroom that I had sat in two years ago … I realized how far i had truly come. Not even two years ago I thought for sure I’d never get into this school ….that I’d never mix in with the white wash of Abington’s Nursing school…
And I reflected on the moment when I melted in Stephanie Wroten’s arms (a complete stranger then) at the front of this very room as she told me that i could do it…. that all hope wasn’t lost …I could still be a nurse… despite the course life put me through. In this moment I am grateful ….so grateful. “I have Arrived”
Snapping back to reality sucking back the tears of pride and love and appreciation realizing now that I am on the road to nursing ready now to embrace the future I have always wanted

I scribbled this into the memo pad they gave us at orientation …at times it seems like time is moving way too slow and graduation can’t come quick enough …through and through i am grateful for the journey and the people who I have crossed paths with who have opened doors for me and I am grateful for those who have come to me looking for me to open those same doors for them.

I will do my best to keep you up to speed on my progress if any of you out there have an Nclex study book I’ll take it!
Peace and love family

N100 @ Dixon School of Nursing

Sunday, July 19th, 2009

So Life is good I completed N100 a one day intro to nursing class. The most difficult part about it was actually getting all the way to campus and getting all the way back. The bus runs once an hour and I was waiting a whole 15mins early at the bus stop ( that bus driver must have had the pedal to the metal…no bus) I caught the bus that comes after the 1 I needed and had to get off to catch the right bus so long story short I got to campus 5 minutes before class was supposed to start( just in the nick of time…if I had got on the bus that was way ahead of schedule that wasn’t at the bus stop I would have gotten to campus a half an hour early)

The ride back home took 2hours (rush hour is ridiculous) I am looking into other options so that I won’t be stranded in the winter. All in All I feel prepared for school, I have my scrubs stethoscope, nursing shoes and books all I need is a fancy nurses watch and a pen light :0)
Class was good we did a review of the Home work that was assigned went over test taking strategies and took a math exam. My graduating class is very diverse there were 3 males in the class lol it looks like there is a good blend of personalities I am very eager to start School I just hope my friends will be okay for the next two years ( I am going to be MIA nose to the books)
Dates to remember:
Orientation August 25th
First day of School August 31st

Sooooooooo how yall doin???

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Hey people :0) thought I’d give you a mini update on my life. I’m doing very well I finished out my final semester at Manor College with an A in Microbiology and a B in Anatomy II overall GPA for the semester of a 3.5. I must Say I am very pleased I really enjoyed my time at Manor and I’m really looking forward to starting nursing school. I am a bit nervous about the expenses of nursing school and apprehensive about taking out loans. I know I will do well and I’m greatful for all those who have helped me through the academic process.

I also wanted to extend a thank you to the South Eastern Pennsylvania Area Black Nurses Association. I had the opportunity this weekend to attend an event of theirs. Thank you for the invitation. I was able to meet students from both the sophomore and senior class at Dixon. If I may…”Shout out to the BG’s” lol “I am happy that I was welcomed as a new initiate” I appreciate your warmth and eagerness to make my experience at Dixon Memorable.

Life has been good I won’t complain I am in good health great shape and the weather is sunny I pray you all have a blessed and productive summer
Much love

She’s Got Mail………..

Monday, February 23rd, 2009

Today I received my Acceptance letter form Dixon …..How do I feel?
Content. I’m ready for this process to get underway the sooner I get to Dixon the sooner I can graduate and Move on to my Masters Degree. Then I’ll be able to Begin pursuing my dream of my own Holistic Birthing Center. Thank you all for your support of first person and your contributions to the trust fund.

I have a new attribute…

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

I have a new attribute I now go by Ma’at which means truth and justice I think that my given name has reached it’s climactic point and it is time for a rebirth. My previous attribute meant Queen or Ruler I think I have lived that name through it’s time to elevate to the next level hence the new name. Ma’at is the Name of an Egyptian Goddess. My aim is to shed this mortal skin and elevate to the realm of the Most High. So if you see me out there in the world Call me Ma’at ( Muh-Ah-Tuh) practice makes perfect. I am sure those of you who have been keeping up with me have been wondering why the transformation.. I have grown out of religion and into straight facts I am Muslim by definition (one who is of peace) but not by social construct. If you wish to know moore ask a question…
Peace in the Lamb is truely Wonderful

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