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Presentations for Students and Community Audiences


Description:This presentation provides information and inspiration for middle and high school students (Grades 7-12) and their families. Participants will become familiar with the major components of the college pipeline, identify potential supports and obstacles, and develop strategies for navigating the complicated college preparation process.

“First Person is a great tool for beginning the dialogue about what it takes to get to college.”
College access professional

“I love your documentary First Person! It helped me to realize there are other kids in this big city who feel the same way about college.”
6th grader

Participants will hear from other students about the highs and lows of trying to make it to college and will be expected to relate what they hear to their own experiences. First Person is an especially valuable resource for providing urban middle and high school students with a realistic look at how students from similar backgrounds approach preparation for college.

Audience: Middle and high school students (Grades 7-12) and their families.


  • First Person Introductory DVD (15 minutes)
  • First Person Middle and Secondary Curriculum

Fee scale:

  • Option 1: Purchase of First Person Introductory DVD and First Person Middle and Secondary Curriculum for use: Sliding scale
  • Option 2: Screening of First Person DVD and one-hour workshop led by Director Benjamin Herold and/or participating First Person students: Sliding scale

Recent recipients:

  • Middle grades students, McKinley Elementary School, North Philadelphia, PA
  • Youth activists, 21st Century Youth Leadership Movement, Selma, AL
  • Youth activists, Research for Action Summer Youth Research Camp, Philadelphia, PA
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